Why does DevOps recommend “shift-left” testing principles?​

Hey folks, in this post we look at why does DevOps recommend “shift-left” testing principles?

“DevOps recommend ‘shift-left’ testing principles because it ensures the reduction of overall development time. As Shifting left requires two key DevOps practices: continuous testing and continuous deployment”

What does shift left mean in DevOps?

Shift left is a term used in the IT industry to describe the practice of performing quality assurance and testing tasks earlier in the development process. It is a strategy that aims to reduce risks and improve software quality.

The idea behind shift left is that by doing quality assurance earlier, you can find and fix bugs before they get into production.

What is shift left principle?

The principle of Shift Left is to take a task that’s traditionally done at a later stage of the process and perform that task at earlier stages.

What is shift left performance testing?

Shifting left of performance testing means increased collaboration between the testers and the developers.

The shift left approach to performance testing is a strategy that aims to identify and solve performance problems as close as possible to their source. In other words, it is the practice of testing the quality of a product before its release.

In the context of software development, shift left performance testing is a strategy for identifying and solving potential performance problems. The goal of this approach is to identify and solve potential performance problems as close as possible to their source, which means before a product has been released in production.

What is the benefit of implementing shift left strategy?

Increased efficiency in the software development process. The benefit of implementing a shift left strategy into your organization would be increased efficiency, better quality, and improved customer experience.

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