What is a common misconception about Agile and DevOps?

In this blog, we will discuss what is a common misconception about Agile and DevOps? Let’s have a look at some of the common misconceptions people hold about these Agile and DevOps:

What is a common misconception about Agile and DevOps?

The common misconception about Agile and DevOps are:

  1. Act as synonyms
  2. Technologies are costly
  3. Agile is not required for DevOps
  4. DevOps can replace Agile

We are going to look into each and every misconception in detail. But before that make sure to know that How do agile and DevOps interrelate?

Act as synonyms:

Their existence is based on the same foundation, which is to ensure the company’s smooth functioning as well as the completion of goals.

Agile is a development method that divides the process into smaller units for greater functionality. The development process is monitored closely, and issues are found and resolved in time.

DevOps is an organizational philosophy that encourages teamwork and clear communication among various teams, particularly software developers and operations.

Technologies are costly:

The companies must make cultural shifts and restructure their total software development process in order to implement Agile and DevOps. For example, companies can have software tools and solutions that would help them attain Agile, but they won’t until the company’s culture is restructured with training, strategizing, and fluent communication.

Because DevOps is a philosophical term, each member of the company must first learn its advantages, the importance of collaboration, and the value of teamwork. There is the possibility of getting backfired if it is implemented blatantly and without any system in place.

Agile is not required for DevOps:

Depending on the business, team size, anticipated goal, and other requirements, any other approach can be employed. DevOps is a philosophy that encourages faster software delivery as well as expanded team communication. This, however, does not intend that it is dependent on Agile for its operation.

DevOps can replace Agile

Agile and DevOps are two independent methods that serve the same purpose but distinct methods of working. The Agile method can be adopted by businesses, and once it has been incorporated well into the workflow, they can take on DevOps principles.

Another method is to first integrate all DevOps principles and practices before then moving on to Agile. DevOps and Agile do best when they are done together, it is an unquestioned fact. As a result, it would be wrong to state that one could replace the other.


We have seen the most common misconception about Agile and DevOps. The common misconceptions are acting as synonyms, technologies are costly, Agile is not required for DevOps, DevOps can replace Agile. Thanks for reading.

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