Best NodeJS Projects For Beginners

In this blog, we will see the best nodejs projects for beginners.

We all know about the dominant client-side programming language, Javascript. But what about server-side programming?

Node.js is a runtime environment for executing JavaScript code.

Node.js is a runtime environment for javascript that can run on different platforms, including Linux, Windows, macOS, and mobile platforms. It is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and allows programs written in JavaScript to be executed on the server.

Node.js is a great choice for your next project because it has a lot of benefits.

  • The main advantage of node.js is that you can use JavaScript on both the front-end and back-end of your application. This makes it easier to keep them in sync, as you only need to learn a single language.
  • Node.js is an efficient choice for real-time applications that need to constantly update data because of its event-based nature. Additionally, the non-blocking input-output model helps to avoid performance issues.
  • Node.js is used to create efficient and scalable web applications.
  • Node.js has a large community that continuously contributes to its improvement.
  • Node modules made it easier for developers to use prebuild modules and reuse code.

There is no doubt that many famous companies like Netflix, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn use Node.js. Also, you will be surprised to know that after deploying Node.js, PayPal saw a 35% decrease in average response time on its website.

NodeJS Projects for Beginners

1. Portfolio App

For all you beginners in programming, creating a portfolio app as your initial nodejs projects for beginners will be an apt idea. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is take a look at the outlook of the application, which means how it looks and how the sample projects are working. This app can also reveal your personal sense of style.

You can give your users a good experience by using elements like an appealing appearance to present the application and output.

The next thing you have to work on is the architecture of the whole project. It includes the code you are writing to make a lightweight and easy-to-use application. Also, you have to first define separate routes for each project.

Node.js has a separate controller for each route to manage the views. If you have the same code for the header and footer, you don’t have to repeat them, which is a benefit for programmers.

2. Books Directory

This one is often considered as the most basic project you can create using Node.js and Express.js or Nest.js is a simple REST API. For this you can build a book directory, where you would need to create endpoints, using the 4 most basic methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

You’d use GET for getting all books or only 1 book by id. With the POST, you can add a new book to the list, and need the PUT method for updating the existing book. It’s evident that with the DELETE method, you can remove the book from the list. 

For this kind of application, you don’t have to use the database, and for the first app, you can start with data collected as a JSON file.

3. Chat App

Another basic nodejs projects for beginners, is a chat application, where the programmer gets a fair idea of working with real-time systems.

Firstly, you have to separate the application into 2 parts i.e.- the client part and the server part. With the help of a web socket, you and the client can directly share data at any time. This feature is often seen as a virtual handshake.

The process starts with the client sending regular HTTP requests to the server. This particular application is very easy to code with the knowledge of web sockets and

4. Video Streaming Platform

This nodejs projects for beginners project is tremendously eye-catching and could easily help you get your dream job if you learn all the basics right.

You have to take care of dividing the video content for the chunks to not send it all to the front at once. Also, you would need to write some HTML5 to create a video player, and some Javascript on the frontend to handle player buttons. 

5. Email Sender

The next idea for nodejs projects for beginners is an email sender app. While building this project, the beginners can learn how to send and schedule emails in NodeJS. Additionally, you can add a front-end and easily create emails with HTML.

For ease of sending emails, you could use the Nodemailer plugin, which is easy and very well documented. 

6. Gaming

For all the gaming lover programmers, this seems to be a perfect way to have fun with work. Build a gaming app of your choice, learn basic programming skills, and be an entrepreneur as well by selling your app on the google play store!

To start with, start coding on NodeJS by using web sockets to provide a real-time conversation between the clients and the server. Also, start with making an applet that collects statistics from multiple clients and puts it on a single platform.

For larger applications, you can put more effort into the CSS stylesheet and have more interface elements. Try to keep all the logic to the server-side so the client only has to give input to render the information from the server’s end.

7. Basic Users System

Another application for nodejs projects for beginners is a “Basic User System”. It’s a very basic project, but it will help you to practice useful skills because the user is a part of almost every application. 

Major learning of this application:  – how to set up the database and do migrations, how to create a new user by the registration, how to build login endpoint,  how to authenticate user,  how to get the user’s data.

In the case of registration and login, you should generate a JWT token for the user that will be returned from the API. Besides that, remember to hash the password before you save it in the database.

8. To-Do list

Creating a to-do list is a much easier way to understand the basic concepts of programming. Create an empty page where the user can record all the tasks they have to complete during the day.

And, Store the new and completed tasks in a different array. This application is put in very minimal CSS styles with a neat appearance.

To get your application running using the express framework. Express is one of the minimalist frameworks which will be very easy to work with a server like node.js.


In this article, we have gathered a few basic nodeJS projects for beginners, which the learners can practice to enhance their Node JS skills and build a coding portfolio. 

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful to place yourself in a better position in coding with nodejs. If you have more suggestions/ ideas about nodejs projects for beginners, please share in the comment section below!

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