How to apply for Financial Aid on Coursera

Hi folks, In this post, I will show you how to apply for financial aid on Coursera (If you really want to learn something but you can’t afford it). Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms.

If you want to apply for financial aid, you need to answer some questions and today I am going to help you with that. I want to help you guys because you want to learn then money can’t hold you back.

Most of the courses are free without a certificate. That’s also a very good option if you want to learn. But if you want a certificate also then you need to apply for financial aid.

Yes, Coursera provides financial aid to learners who cannot afford the fee. Learn more.

How to apply for Financial Aid or a Scholarship?

  1. Click on financial aid available link
  2. Fill out and submit your application. Make sure your application is over 150 words. Applications below this minimum will not be accepted.

How much time will it take to approve my application?

You will get mail in 15-20 days. If your application is approved, you’ll get an email letting you know, and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the course. Courses have personalized deadlines, so you won’t need to worry about falling behind.

Coursera Financial Aid Answers (Sample)

Please write your own genuine reasons while filling out the form. These are just for samples.

  1. Why are you applying for Financial Aid? (150 words minimum required)
  2. How will taking this course help you achieve your career goals? (150 words minimum required)
  3. If you answered no, please help us understand why.

You just need to answers these 3 questions and you are ready to go.

Why are you applying for Financial Aid? (150 words minimum required)

I am a student from India and want to learn {{course_name}}. I think it will be beneficial for my work. But I’ve no job of my own to carry the expenses to pay for the certificate of this course. I live only for my scholarship, it is very much difficult for me to gather such an amount of money for the certificate. Financial Aid will help me take this course without any adverse impact on my monthly essential needs. So I’m badly in need of this financial aid. I want to take this course as I want to learn. This course will boost my job prospects after graduation from my institute. It will help me perform better in understanding and learning this technology and give me an edge over my competitors. A verified certificate will attach credibility to the certificate I receive from this course. I plan to complete all assignments on or before time as I have done in previous Courses. Also, I intend to participate in Discussion Forums, which I have found to supplement my learning immensely in the other online courses I have taken on Coursera. I also plan to grade assignments that are peer-reviewed which I believe will be an invaluable learning opportunity.

If you answered no, please help us understand why.

Ans: Sir, the financial status of the family is not too good to pay the loan amount. It would make their life even harder to add a new loan over them. Sir, I don’t want to put any pressure on them. Sir, it would be a great help for me to get a good job and help my family if I’m able to get this course.

Tip: Always remember, Honesty is the best policy.


In this blog, we see how to apply for financial aid on Coursera, it will take almost 15 days to approve or reject your application.

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