Maze Problems

We observe that left = r-1, c and right = c, r-1. For counting the total ways just return left + right. Including all paths (Using Backtracking) Output

Striver’s SDE Sheet

 Day-1 Q.No Problem Name Detailed Solution Problem Link Video Solution C++ Code Java Code 1 Set Matrix Zeros Solution Click Youtube Code Code 2 Pascal Triangle Solution Click YouTube Code Code 3. Next Permutation Solution Click YouTube Code Code 4. Kadane’s Algorithm Solution Click YouTube Code Code 5. Sort an array of 0’s 1’s 2’s … Read more

Best Programming Language for DSA

This blog is about the best programming language for DSA. It will break down exactly what you need to know in order to make an educated decision of which programming language to use when working with DSA. Why do I prefer Python? If you know Python and you love it then I prefer Python because … Read more