How to Host Flask Application on cPanel [2022 Updated]


How to Host Flask Applications on cPanel

If you read this blog, it means you have already done the coding part for your website. And you find some good flask hosting for hosting your website. 

First of all, check if your site is running locally, if it's working fine then we are ready to host our website.

You must have the below files:
  1. (main python file)
  2. requirements.txt (you can create this file using pip freeze > requirements.txt)
That's all you need. Now open your cPanel and go to option setup python app, then create a new application.

How I can upload files in cPanel?

For uploading the files in cPanel, You need to go to file manager and upload your files there including the database file if you have any.

After that install your requirements.txt using the setup python app option.

After that, restart your application, and your website will live in seconds.


Yoo, it's super easy to install the python app in cPanel, isn't it? Comment your views in the comment section and subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates like this.


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