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Dhiraj Beri

This series is specially created for cracking the coding interview. As we know DSA (Data structures and algorithms) is very important for technical and coding interviews. So, firstly let's start from types of data structures. 

Data structures are the backbone of every computer system. They determine how data is organized and stored, making it easier for you to use your favorite programs in an efficient way!

What is Space complexity?

Space complexity is the amount of memory space required to hold the data of a certain problem instance.

What is Time complexity?

Time complexity is the number of steps required by an algorithm that solves this problem instance, i.e., it counts how many operations are executed when solving that particular problem instance.

There are two types of data structures:

Types of Data Structures

  1. Physical

  2. Logical

Physical DS

  1. Array

  2. Linked List

Logical DS

  1. Stack (LIFO) Linear

  2. Queue (FIFO) Linear

  3. Trees Non-Linear

  4. Graph Non-Linear

  5. Hash Table Tabular

So, here LIFO is last in first out, FIFO is first in last out. We will look into it in more detail when we cover the stack and queue.

Logical Data structures are further divided into two categories, Linear and Nonlinear.

ADT (Abstract Data Types)

  1. Representation of data

  2. Operation on data

So, I am going to start Physical data structure from the next blog. But before that we need to understand what is recursion.


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