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Best Programming Language for DSA

This blog is about the best programming language for DSA. It will break down exactly what you need to know in order to make an educated decision of which programming language to use when working with DSA.

Why do I prefer Python?

If you know Python and you love it then I prefer Python because it is a very versatile language and you can do anything with it.

The first reason that I like Python for DSA is the syntax of how easy it is to read, write and understand compared to other languages such as C++ or Java which are more difficult in comparison.

Another good reason why Python would be the best programming language for DSA is that it works very well with other Python modules and libraries.

For example, if you wanted to use a module for graph theory in your program there are many different available options such as NetworkX or PyGraphviz which can help make your coding process much faster and easier than using another language like C++ where the only option to code graph theory would be to write your own program.

The final reason why Python is the best programming language for DSA is that it has many different libraries which you can use in order to make your coding process much easier and faster than using another language like C++ or Java where not nearly as many options are available for tools, modules, and libraries.

Why I don't Prefer Python if you are a Competitive programmer?

Python is not faster than other languages like C++ or Java but once you develop the skills needed to use Python it can be very fast for certain types of coding.

Python is not good for competitive programming because it is not very fast.

Competition programming requires speed since there are time limits for each problem. For example, if you were using Python to try to create an algorithm that would play tic tac toe against another tic tac toe player then that problem would take much longer to solve than a problem in C++ because Python is not as fast as C++.

C++ v/s Java

The most important reason why you would want to use C++ over Java is that it is a lot faster.

C++ also has a variety of libraries that can be used for things such as graph theory, linear algebra, etc… C++ has a very large community and there are lots of different tools and modules available if you know where to look. To find libraries, modules, and tools for C++ simply search at the top right of any page on Google.

Java is very similar to Python in my opinion. You can do most things that you can do with Python using Java but it is not as versatile or fast as C++ which makes it less preferable than C++.


For me, The best programming language for DSA is Python or C++. If you already know Python and love it then I recommend sticking with it since it is very easy to use and learn. If you do not like or do not know how to program in Python but would like to learn, then I would recommend starting out by learning Python first and if decide later that you want to learn C++ then I would recommend learning Python first since it will make the transition much easier.

I hope that this blog was helpful for anyone who is trying to decide on what programming language to use with DSA. If you do not agree with me then feel free to leave a comment and let me know why!  


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